Thursday, March 6, 2008


Of course, most of you probably didn't even know we were gone. Mike and I left after church on Sunday and drove 11+ hours to Michiana (short for Michigan/Indiana state line). We made the trip without any trouble and really didn't know what to do with ourselves. We had bought a couple of books to listen to and we did manage to listen to one of Beth Moore's...but other than that, we just listened to music and drove. What do you do with yourself for 11+ hours and no children in the back arguing and fussing and having to go to the bathroom....just enjoy the peace and quiet!
We spent the day Monday with Tricia (our realtor) looking at 7 houses. I am telling you the truth....I am OVER house-hunting. I am so ready for God to reveal His plan to us and for us. He has made it so clear that we are to move to that area to serve Him, but He has not shown us THE house. We went back to see a couple of houses that we had seen in January....and we particularly loved one of them. All that night, we both could not stop thinking about that house, but we were very anxious to see 3 more the next day. Would one of those be THE house for us??
The next morning we went to Mike's new office and were so blessed to spend time with them studying God's word. We also had a short meeting with some guys from the Staff Services department. The really great news is that we have raised enough support and they are ready for us to officially begin working there! Praise the Lord! I am telling you that I had wondered (some days) if that day would ever come. We have been raising support for 15 months now and I have doubted God many times through this process. However, He is faithful and has brought this step to completion for us. So now....we just need to find a house.
Later that day, we met Tricia again to look at the final three prospects. The first one was really intriguing to us and we could not wait to see it. It was built in 1865 (the year the Civil War was over....information that I just learned through homeschooling a 4th grader!) and has tons of character. We really, really liked the house. BUT.....because it is so old, we are somewhat afraid of it. The guy that is fixing it up may or may not be doing it right. What is behind the new sheetrock? What is under that carpet? Will this be a good investment as far as resale goes? After all...we have no idea how long God will allow us to serve Him in Michiana. And the other two houses...well...they still weren't what we were looking for.
So....after much prayer, discussion, going back and forth with pros and cons...we made an offer this morning on the house in Knollwood. We feel like if God wants us to have this house, He will make it clear to us through the accepting of the offer. We are excited to see how all of this turns out. And by the way, the sellers have until 6pm Friday to decide whether or not to accept our offer. Until then, we wait and pray!

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