Monday, March 17, 2008

The Word of God!

I have shared this story with several people but I think it is priceless and so much like Grace.....

Last Sunday I got a call from the police in another county in GA saying that they had a trailer tag that belonged to my dad. When my parents got home from church, I mentioned the phone call to my dad. He went out to his trailer to check the tag...and then realized that his trailer had been stolen. We are still not sure when it happened and the funny thing is...there are always lots of cars and trucks here. It really looks like a used car lot most days. But despite the activity around here, some one was brave enough to steal the trailer from us.
So the next morning we were telling Graham and Grace about the incident. And Grace responds so surely....."Well, I guess those burglars haven't read the word of God!!"....oh my, do we have a Beth Moore on our hands??

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