Sunday, March 30, 2008

Personal Evaluation for Wives

When the Life Action Revival came to our church in September of 2004, they presented a series of questions to us. Some of these questions were quite simple to answer, and yet others were painfully difficult to answer. I still struggle with some of the questions....and so I thought I would just throw some out to think about and answer with your own heart.

1. Do I put my husband's needs and desires ahead of my own?
2. Do I look for creative ways to please my husband?
3. Am I content to serve, even when my husband doesn't seem to notice or appreciate my efforts?
4. Am I teaching our children, by my example and words, to honor and obey their father?
5.Do I speak words of encouragement and admiration to my husband?
6. Do I treat my husband as graciously as I would a guest?
7. Do I regularly express appreciation for the sacrifices my husband makes to provide for our family?

Whew! And that is only a few of the questions on the sheet they gave us!
Definitely something for us wives/mothers to think about and pray over!

Thank you so much for the precious gift of marriage. As I sit here tonight, I pray that you would equip me to be the wife you would want me to be. Lord, you know that I love my husband, but I want more than that. I want to put his needs before my own. I want to serve him and honor him with my actions and words. I want our children to know that I respect and love their father. I want our marriage to be an example of your grace and your love.
In Jesus' Name....

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