Thursday, February 28, 2008

Still in my pjs at 4pm

Need I say more. That is just the kind of day I have had. I don't exactly know where the time has gone. My day started off cleaning up throw-up that Sarah Joy had done during the night (and she never cried out for me!!). I have now learned my lesson double with this particular Tylenol cough I give her. She has now thrown up both times I gave it to her. Don't do that!! Well, after cleaning up her mess, giving her a bath, getting some warm grits in her tummy, and just loving on her, I felt like it was lunch time. I was very lazy this morning and did not get my exercise done before the kids got up, so I have told myself all day that I would get my shower after I worked out. Neither has happened and probably neither will. I still have some schoolwork to get done with Graham and yet I am sitting here writing this....oh well...just one of those days!!

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babystepstoChina said...

Wow! Sounds like you've had quite a day! I sure hope SJ is feeling better. It's wonderful loving on a sick baby, but hard at the same time. But still, what a privilege we have as moms to comfort them. Hope to see you tom!