Thursday, February 26, 2009


Several days ago, I received a package in the mail. I quickly opened it (because I love getting things in the mail!) and saw that it was a copy of Sarah Joy's adoption website. Then I opened the note that was included and saw that it was a very special gift from my very special friend, Robyn. This touched my heart so much!! You see, the wonderful people (Joe and Jennifer) at sell these CD's to families once your website is complete. I just never have found the time to do this...and Robyn knew that I probably never she decided to bless me with this gift. I am truly grateful for her thoughtfulness. I am extremely grateful for what she means in my life (even though we are now over 700 miles apart...we are on the same cell phone plan!!). I am honestly grateful for what she means to Sarah Joy and how she stood by me during the 15 month wait. I am humbly grateful for the way she has encouraged me as a Christian and as a mother. Robyn, I love you like you are my sister! Thank you for your friendship!!!!

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Trey and Cheri said...

Thank you for sharing this. It brought tears to my eyes. Robyn is very thoughtful and will always hold a special place in my heart. I am also thankful to God for blessing your family with Sarah Joy.


Leigh Ann Harris said...

You are so right, Cheri! She is certainly someone you can talk to and know that she is listening and she will pray you through any situation. We are still praying for you and Trey too! We miss you all!

babystepstoChina said...

Ok, I am not supposed to cry this early in the morning, after make- up has been applied and I am about to walk out the door. :-)

You did not have to write such a sweet post and I am very humbled by it. I am so glad you can enjoy your Journey to Sarah Joy for many years to come, although I know the most special memories of that time are hidden in your heart.

I too love you very much and have found it difficult to find a friend like you. The miles seem to be growing so I am looking forward to your coming home in May! Your mom and I may not let you guys return!!!!

What are we going to do if I ever live in Africa????? I guess you will just have to take a mission trip overseas, or adopt from there as well!

Love you much - now to go reapply makeup! :-)