Monday, February 23, 2009

Catchin' Up!

I didn't do much blogging last week....sorry! It was just one of those weeks. I think we are all ready for know, flip flops...shorts....playing outside...riding bikes....the green grass...the beach!! But it looks like we are dealing with winter for a little bit longer. I just love this picture of Sarah she trying to just sleep this winter away? Actually, she was just tired on Thursday and fell asleep in the car and then I laid her on the couch. As for the other pictures, I took these Sunday morning on the way to church. OK...I was driving and taking pictures at the same time (please don't tell my mama), but I was only going about 10 miles an hour. Enjoy the pictures!

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babystepstoChina said...

Driving in a winter wonderland....

Looks beautiful and one day, before we know it, all the snow will stop and you will be wearing flip flops.