Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hey Mike and Leigh Ann, Brandon has a question for you:
what is it like to be a missionary?

Thanks for your help!!

Hey Brandon,
Thank you so much for asking us this question! I will do my best to answer it....
What is it like to be a missionary?
I actually never dreamed that we would be a working with a ministry like Life Action and be called missionaries. I thought we would always be running dump-trucks...hauling sand and gravel. But God had different plans for Mr. Mike and I. It is very exciting to be a part of God's work. Mr. Mike has pretty much a regular job behind the scenes so that the rest of the ministry can go out and share their messages about revival. Mr. Mike usually leaves home before 8 and he gets home around 5:30 to 6. His day is full of emails, phone calls, and meetings. There are over 200 people on staff with Life Action and he has to help all of them with insurance and support (their pay) stuff. I don't understand a lot of what he does and I don't know that you would either. He does have a pretty cool office at the National Ministry Center in Buchanan, Michigan. He has big windows in his office that over-look a patio and some really pretty plants (when we don't have snow on the ground!). So, he has a pretty "normal" office job....it's just that he gets to work with some really awesome people! While he is at work, I teach the kids and do laundry and cook and clean (sounds like your mom, huh?). So...while the title of our jobs sounds very different...we really don't lead that different of a life. I would say the biggest difference is that we live off of the money people give us. And you know what? God has always provided for us! That is the really cool part!!! I sure hope I answered your question and thanks again for asking us! We love your family and appreciate the sacrifices you make for us! You are such a blessing!!
Mrs. Leigh Ann

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