Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sarah Joy doesn't realize how cold it is....this is how she spends her morning....dressed as a princess and ready to do some crafts. Also, notice the black below her right eye....she fell the other night as she was running to her daddy.

More fun in the snow!

I love this princess! Now if we call her Sarah Joy...she corrects us and says,
"I not Sarah Joy....I princess!"

Thank you, Mrs. Stephani, for the bird feeders!
We can't wait to see the beautiful birds enjoying a feast in our back yard.
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Christine said...

Sarah Joy dressed as a princess, ready to do crafts in the middle of a frigid winter! That is SO much like my girls!! I love the photo of her outside holding the snow in her hands.
I haven't seen you in awhile. Hope all is well! Looks like you are enjoying the snow!