Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Monday...sort of!

It is still crazy! We are expecting several more inches tonight, but I think we are prepared. I went to the grocery store yesterday and stocked up (took a few lessons from my mother-in-law...who reads this faithfully!) The sun actually came out for a little while yesterday and it seemed like most people in the area hit the grocery store doing exactly what I was doing. The weather is supposed to get very "frigid" and "blizzard-like"....those are two words I have recently heard on the news reports. BUT....through all of this....we are healthy and have a fridge and pantry full of food. We have plenty of schoolwork and movies. We have a Wii and an X-Box. And we have a snowblower! Blessed beyond words!!

I signed up today to take the 30-Day challenge on Revive Our Hearts to be in the word for the next 30 days....I am so excited about that challenge! I heard about it as Nancy Leigh DeMoss was teaching her series on "Getting into the Word and Getting the Word in you!"

Our week is looking pretty fun (despite the yucky weather!).....we have our monthly Ladies Night Out for Harvest Bible Chapel Granger tomorrow night and our small group meeting on Wednesday night. Graham starts his Lego Robotics class on Thursday at Lake Michigan College. Grace has her piano lessons. And we are hoping to go skating with some friends on Friday.

I have several things/people that I am praying for right now. A huge prayer concern is for our church...we are very near our launch date and lots of things need to fall into place in order for that to happen. We also have some friends back in Athens that are going through some difficult days. And I praying about possibly starting a little business to help me get out and meet more people. Seems like lots of things on my heart/mind these days....I am sure just like yourself.

Well....enjoy the picture of the cutie and me...Grace took this yesterday before we went to Moe's for lunch. We used to go to Moe's alot back in Athens and we haven't even been since we was a tasty treat!!...but we missed our usual friends....The Chittoms, The Collins, The Bealls...and more!

Oh...I have been wondering why my pictures have been so hazy lately and I just realized that there are fingerprints all over my lens....that explains a lot!!

Happy Monday! Leigh Ann
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shell said...

congrats on the snowblower! i am still reminding myself it is free exercise!!!!!! :)