Saturday, January 24, 2009

Healthworks Kids Museum

So this is how we spent our Friday afternoon....Healthworks kids museum!!
The little girls went to a class on making healthy choices while the bigger kids got to dissect some pig hearts. We do science as a part of our schoolwork, but there is no way that I could give them this kind of science (plus I don't have pig hearts just lying around my house!). It is amazing how many resources I have found to supplement what we do at home and also give the kids some time to be with their friends.

Leah, Grace, and Sarah Joy listening to the teacher talk about making healthy choices.
A tooth brushing demonstration
Dissecting the pig heart....
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babystepstoChina said...

Sarah Joy looked so focus on brushing those teeth and Grace was such the big sister as she embraced her! And those boys looked so excited about dissecting a pigs heart. So glad you didn't have to do that!
PS, I had to look back at your blog to see how to spell dissecting! And I am supposed to teach them how to spell?