Sunday, May 10, 2009

You know you are a mom when..... get to help finish. I'll go frequently stop eating to go clean your child's bottom...and then go right back to eating.

Just leave a comment with your ideas. Happy Mother's Day!!

p.s. I am enjoying a very nice, quiet Mother's Day. The kids are with the grandparents over 700 miles away...and I miss them so much...but gonna enjoy this time with my hubby!


Robyn said...

You don't fix yourself a plate because you know you will eat what they leave behind!

Luke said...

That's funny! [smile]

I don't have my kids yet, so I can contribute. Sorry. Hopefully next year!


Leigh Ann Harris said...

Hey heart goes out to those families waiting to hold their children through the miracle of adoption. It is so hard to understand why it takes so long...why we can't just go get them and bring them home. I don't understand it. But I do know those blessings are coming your are gonna be swept away with love when you finally hold the child/children that God has planned just for you! Thanks for following my blog! I sent you a friend request on FB. Leigh Ann