Thursday, November 6, 2008

For my former students at George Walton Academy.... here is a picture of our family. Graham is in 5th grade and he will be 11 on November 15th. Grace is in 1st grade and will be 7 on November 29th. Sarah Joy will be 3 on December 16th. We now live in Indiana and serve as full-time missionaries for Life Action Ministries. God has blessed us so much and completely changed our lives since I was your teacher. I am still teaching school today...just in my kitchen and dining we are homeschooling Graham and Grace. However, the year I taught ya'll in 3rd grade was absolutely one of my favorite years of teaching....ok...who remembers what we did on the last day of school?.....dancing on the desks!!
I would LOVE to see some pictures of ya'll too and here about your plans for can find me on Facebook or email them to me at
Ya'll have a great day and be nice to Mrs. Ginn!
All my love,
Mrs. Harris
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