Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Candy Corn

Well....since I somehow erased all of my pictures from last week, I will just start with some new ones. Check out this adorable little ladybug with her candy corn and new shoes. Doesn't she look like a big girl??? Where has the time gone.....
And....if I can figure out how to add all of my friend, R.'s, pictures to my Picasa, then I will share some of the awesome shots of us from last week....we had so much fun and I really want you to see them!
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babystepstoChina said...

Looks like Sarah Joy finally got some shoes! Yeah. Precious as always! Glad you all finally opened the candy corn! Our bag is already gone! Hmmmm...took about thirteen hours to finish it off, me, Eli and Mrs. Linda! Ha Ha!
Miss you all!