Thursday, May 15, 2008

His Biggest Cheerleader!

Last night at the Thirst Conference, Trent talked about the one thing that wives need in their marriage and the one thing that husbands need from their marriage. For wives, we just want to be LOVED! For husbands, their need is to be RESPECTED! It works in a cycle that can be so healthy or so vicious....she feels turn she shows respect to her turn he loves her.....and so on. Or it can be the opposite. She doesn't feel loved, so she doesn't show him any respect. He doesn't feel respected, so he doesn't show her any love. My heart aches for the couples that are caught in that vicious cycle. So what do we need to do to stay out of that cycle? Well, we need to be our husbands biggest cheerleader! When Trent said that....I just laughed! It made sense to me. You see, I was a cheerleader in high school and I know what that role means. So there you have it...from this day forward....I want to be Mike's biggest cheerleader.
And no....I will not be wearing this skirt when he comes home today! The kids already think I am looney!

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babystepstoChina said...

Wow! You are really learning a lot! Sounds like some truths I need to hold on to! By the way, could you teach me a few of those cheers?? And I bet Mike would love to see you in that skirt! Opps, is that G rated????
Love ya!