Monday, January 10, 2011

I have to do something....

We can't adopt her.  I wish we could.  The Chinese gov't won't approve us because of our income.  We have too many people in our family...and not enough money...according to them.  But look at her.  Her name is "Lisa".  Sarah Joy has talked about adopting "Lisa" for years now.  She has always said her baby sister was named "Lisa".  Where did she get that?  And then, twice now, her picture has been right there in front of me through different websites advocating for children with HIV.  So...I have to do something...but right now, this is all I know to do.  Let me introduce you to "Lisa" and if you can help her find a family...oh, I sure would love that!
And here is more information about this sweet girl!

Children’s Home Society & Family Services is urgently looking for an adoptive family for this little girl.
“Lisa” is in Asia. She was born at the end of 2005,
Here is an incredible girl with bright eyes. She has rosy chubby cheeks. She enjoys playing physical activities. She likes to play on the jungle gym and jump on the trampoline. She has great fine motor skills and can build a bridge using blocks and string beads on a thread. She is described as a happy and bright child. She enjoys other people and likes to play with her peers. She is affectionate and gives the younger children hugs and kisses. She can speak in her native language and knows some English words. The adoption coordinator recently met her and describes her as “absolutely adorable!” She waits for her own family because she is HIV positive. Her family will be so lucky to see her smile each day. She has been waiting for a family for almost a year.
A grant of $3000 is available to eligible families through Brittany’s Hope Foundation.
  • Single women or married couples may apply
  • At the time of adoption study approval, single applicants should be under 45 years of age.
  • No more than 2 divorces between couples
  • Max of 2 kids currently in home (“in home” means 50% of the time or more).
  • No serious physical health issues or mental health diagnosis including depression
  • No criminal history including DUI/DWI
  • No history of alcohol or chemical abuse
  • Program fee $7500
Lisa Trinh, Waiting International Child Specialist
Children’s Home Society & Family Services  | 651.255.2252  |
1605 Eustis Street / St. Paul, MN  55108  |

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shell said...

we looked into adopting her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! isnt she so sweet? they took our info to the committee but they said no because of family size and keith has dealt with depression in the past. broke my HEART that she could not be part of our family for those silly reason. love seeing her sweet face pop up!