Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sometimes I wonder

Six years ago we felt like God was telling us we were supposed to adopt. We didn't know what country. We didn't even know why...I mean we already had two kids biologically....why would we want more? There were so many questions running through our heads. It scares me to death to think what our lives would be like if we had not obeyed God. Sometimes I wonder...what if we had missed this blessing?
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Robyn said...

We sang a song this morning in church that spoke so clearly to me, it said When you listen to the Father's heart, you have such blessed assurance...
That assurance from listening to God has yielding a huge blessing in all our lives and Sarah Joy has a place in her heart for orphans and her sweet spirit to pray for them. I know what a blessing she is to you, but she is also a blessing to so many. I love her so much and am so thankful you brought her home so that we could have the opportunity to be a part of her life!