Friday, July 25, 2008

Catching Up...

This has been a really wonderful week if you like 75 degree weather with absolutely no humidity and plenty of sunshine! We have been outside so much that I just haven't taken the time to upload some pictures and share with y'all. We have enjoyed two evenings just hanging out with some other Life Action friends (and eating, of course!!) We also went out to Clear Lake to ride bikes (I thought it was too cool to go swimming)....but Graham ended up swimming in his shorts with a bunch of other Life Action kids.! That's what summer is all about, right?

Is he in my face, or what?

No...not Rachel Ray.....Gracie Ray!

UMMM....that smells delicious! What is it about hamburger meat?

Oh how I wish y'all could have seen this. She had the most serious look on her face!
It was so funny!!

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